Elevated Cyberattack Risk: Russia and Ukraine

OFFSITE offers managed security against cyberattacks for clients from Milwaukee to Chicago

OFFSITE offers managed security & cybersecurity solutions to clients from Milwaukee to Chicago

In the wake of recent global events and the use of cyberattacks as a means of warfare, there is an increased threat of cybersecurity attacks. Organizations should take heightened measures to ensure the security of their environments during this time of uncertainty. OFFSITE recommends the following actions as best practices to minimize attack surfaces.

Cyberattack surface can be reduced to mitigate DDoS and other attacks.

If your organization does not do business outside of the United States, it may be wise to block IP addresses from other countries. In addition, organizations should focus on maintaining an access control list to restrict permissions to only essential parties and reduce entry points available to untrusted users.

Malware and Ransomware attacks

Organizations can lessen their risk of malware and ransomware attacks by practicing good update management and ensuring their assets are up to date. Initiating access controls such as multifactor authentication and strong password policies is critical in malware prevention.

Vulnerability Management

Another key measure is to find any indicators of exposure or compromise. Vulnerability management services provide the tools to keep abreast of exactly where vulnerabilities to malware attacks and hacking exist within your entire infrastructure. These services also provide an organized view of your highest-risk assets on a weekly basis, along with a task list for risk remediation.

Phishing Campaigns

Phishing campaigns are yet another tactic cyber attackers use to gain access to an environment. Tools such as Microsoft Safe Links can be used for link and attachment scanning, however, end-user education is one of the most effective measures in preventing a phishing attack. Challenging users with simulated phishing campaigns helps to train them to recognize malicious attempts.

Lastly, it is vital to have a plan in place, should your organization become compromised. Following the 3-2-1-1-0 rule and having critical data backed up with immutable storage and replicated off-site are key to being prepared in the event of a disaster.

Cyberattacks are increasingly one of the vectors of modern warfare, which can prove to be dangerous for organizations across the globe. As attack surfaces continue to fluctuate in size and complexity, implementing cybersecurity best practices to reduce the risk of attack is essential for organizations of all sizes.

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