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What is a colocation service?

A colocation service, also known as colocation as a service (CaaS), is a model that combines the benefits of cloud computing and traditional colocation services.

Colocation refers to the practice of housing privately owned servers and networking equipment in our data center facility. It allows you to enjoy the advantages of a professionally managed data center, including robust infrastructure, security, and connectivity, without the need to build and maintain your own facility.

Your data and applications are the backbone of your business, and they deserve the utmost care and protection. Colocation offers the benefits of owning your own hardware while using the colocation facility’s power, cooling and infrastructure.

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OFFSITE’s colocation service merges these concepts by offering a hybrid solution. In this model, you can colocate their physical servers and equipment in our data center facility, while also leveraging cloud computing resources. As part of our colocation packages, we offer built-in services like managed security, monitoring, backup, and disaster recovery.

The cloud aspect of the service allows you to extend your infrastructure by accessing virtualized resources provided by the colocation provider. This can include virtual servers, storage, and networking components. The cloud resources can be provisioned and managed through a web-based interface or an API.

OFFSITE’s top-tier data centers in Kenosha, WI & Denver, CO are cost-effective, provide 24/7 support, and are secure from man-made or natural disasters.

The benefits of colocation services include:

  • Scalability: The ability to scale computing resources on demand, allowing you to adapt quickly to changing needs.
  • Cost-effectiveness: By leveraging both colocation and cloud services, you can optimize your infrastructure costs, paying for the resources you need while minimizing capital expenditures.
  • Reliability: Our data centers have redundant power, cooling, and network connectivity, ensuring high availability for your hosted infrastructure.
  • Security: We implement stringent physical and network security measures to protect the colocated equipment. Additionally, we include managed security services to further enhance the protection of your sensitive data.
  • Flexibility: You maintain control over your physical servers and equipment while taking advantage of our cloud resources. This allows for hybrid deployments and the ability to run workloads where they are most suitable.
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OFFSITE – Your Data Center Colocation Provider

We know there are a multitude of options when choosing your colo data center provider, and it’s not a decision to be taken lightly. Here’s what you get in a OFFSITE data center:

  • Purpose-built facilities – We design and build mission-critical data centers optimized for performance and dependability. Our data centers deliver uninterrupted uptime with access to security, physical asset protection, workflow separation – and we back it all with 100% SLAs.
  • Operational excellence – We operate our own facilities. Our data centers house our customers’ infrastructure as well as our own systems. Whether it is our infrastructure or your installation, you’ll be receiving the same attention to detail that we require for our own mission-critical operations.
  • Industry leading security – We protect your assets from natural disasters and other threats. Our colocation facilities are hardened to withstand the worst natural events, and we include customizable building security measures including biometrics and the latest electronic access systems.
  • National 10Gbps network – OFFSITE’s 10Gbps network provides secure Layer 2 or Layer 3, high-performance and redundant connectivity between all OFFSITE data center facilities, attached carrier hotels and direct, redundant connectivity to Microsoft Azure.
  • Audits and compliance – We align to best practices frameworks to manage cybersecurity risks through core security controls, and we pass rigorous annual audits for HIPAA/HITECH, PCI-DSS, Type 2 SSAE 18 (SOC 1 and SOC 2), EU-US and Swiss-US Privacy Shield, and ISO/IEC 27001:2013.

Raw high-density data center horse power

PING. POWER. PIPE. If you’re simply looking for raw horse power, we’ve got you covered. Our colocation services deliver 2N infrastructure in a highly secure environment to your critical IT systems. Scale up or down as you like. Our colocation environments offer easy migration from half-rack to multi-rack deployments.

Designed with you in mind

Our data center is designed with the end-user in mind. All of our large-scale colocation environments have separate workstations so you can set up a laptop, charge your phone and talk to the home office while still viewing the colocation floor – because we don’t like sitting on an egg crate balancing a laptop on our knees any more than you do.

And yes, sprinkler heads and wet pipe fire suppression systems above IT gear make us a little nervous too. That’s why our large-scale colocation environments utilize the latest in clean agent fire suppression systems for maximum uptime and reliability.


  • 2N Power and UPS Distribution
  • 2N precision cooling and hot aisle containment
  • 24/7 monitoring, maintenance
  • Clean agent fire suppression systems above and below raised floor
  • Separate work stations with phones, power and communications
OFFSITE offers a range of managed IT services designed to strengthen customer environments from our managed colocation business suites in Kenosha, WI
  • ESD Grounded Flooring
    Maintains proper discharge protection and bonded to facility master ground field.

  • Clean Agent Fire Suppression
    Provides highest level of fire prevention and protection without risking valuable hardware.

  • Hot Aisle Containment
    Industry leading cooling standard for maximum efficiency.

  • High & Low Voltage Cable Management
    Maintains precise management & labeled inventory of cricitcal cables.

  • 2N UPS & Redundant Circuit Distribution
    Power redundancy and diverse distribution ensures maximum uptime.

  • Private Furnished Work Stations
    Increasing comfort with high-end furnished workstations.

Dedicated Data Center Suites

Our dedicated data center suites offer you and your staff a private, operational headquarters within our facility. Customized and built to meet the specific needs of your company, your dedicated data center suite leverages all the Tier III infrastructure and operational efficiency of our facility including, 24/7 monitoring and maintenance by our expert staff.

Colocation Services

Migration Services­ – OFFSITE has a proven track record of supporting customer migrations and delivering complex colocation solutions within tight timelines. We can work with you to…

    • Migrate your data on a per-project basis.
    • Design and implement the move of your on-premises hardware to our data centers.

Backup – OFFSITE’s backup experts can design, implement, monitor and manage your backup solution to ensure it’s running at peak efficiency and that your data is protected.

Disaster Recovery – Whether you bring your own DR solution or want to utilize OFFSITE’s DR, we’re here to help you design, implement and manage your DR, ensuring the resiliency your business requires.

Remote Access – You need fast, reliable and secure 24/7 remote access to your data from anywhere, and we’ll make sure you have it.

Hosted Private Cloud – OFFSITE’s data centers offer maximum performance to your mission-critical workloads. Leveraging a dynamic, high-performance network, with the industry’s most powerful infrastructure.

Colocation Options

OFFSITE offers a variety of colocation services to meet the needs of your business. These services include:

  • Colocation Cabinets – Individually locked cabinets and cabinet-equivalent spaces are sold under two models:
    • Bundled ­– Monthly price includes cabinet space and all utility
    • Unbundled/Metered – Monthly price includes cabinet space, while utility consumption is metered and invoiced monthly based on actual usage.
  • Colocation Cage – Private locked caged space is available as metered space (meaning utility consumption will be metered and invoiced monthly based on actual consumption). The space is sold per square foot, per kW or per cabinet equivalent model.
Optimize your cloud-based solution with help from OFFSITE's certified network engineers located in Kenosha, WI

Cloud Services

Not all clouds are created equal. Our enterprise cloud infrastructure is built to deliver maximum performance to your mission critical workloads.

OFFSITE offers colocation services to make sure your network & data are always available from our data center in Kenosha, WI

Colocation Services

Colocation offers the benefits of owning your own hardware while using the colocation facility’s power, cooling and infrastructure.

OFFSITE's Network Operations Center in Kenosha, WI is staffed locally, by certified IT professionals performing managed cyber security services

Cybersecurity Services

OFFSITE’s cloud solution helps technology leaders protect their IT assets through a suite of comprehensive cybersecurity services.

OFFSITE's Network Operations Center in Kenosha, WI is staffed locally, by certified IT professionals performing managed IT services

Managed IT Services

OFFSITE provides Managed Security Services to help protect your IT infrastructure both on-premises and in the cloud.

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