Better Together: Offsite + Palo Alto Networks

Palo Alto Networks, a trusted OFFSITE partner for over a decade, offers world-class security & firewall protection for networks to improve visibility & control

OFFSITE is proud to partner with Palo Alto Networks for our security and firewall protection needs for our data center and cloud clients. We find Palo Alto’s security features to be unmatched. Additionally, they are constantly improving their solutions with cutting-edge technology to improve the efficacy of firewalls, reduce security holes, and stop attacks before they even happen.

Palo Alto Networks has been a trusted security partner in the IT world for over a decade. Palo Alto offers world-class advanced firewalls designed to secure networks, improve visibility, and increase control. Its firewalls can protect against known and unknown threats from end to end. Gartner consistently places Palo Alto Networks as a leader in enterprise firewalls. Palo Alto has created a name for itself as a leader in firewall innovation through its “next-generation” firewall protection.

Palo Alto considers its technology to be defined by four key characteristics:

  1. Natively integrated
    Built on single-pass architecture, Palo Alto’s firewalls can control applications, users, and content at a granular level, which improves visibility. Palo Alto provides the same protection throughout the network from the endpoint to the cloud to SaaS applications.
  2. Automation
    Human updates are slow and can be prone to error. Palo Alto has developed technology that will update in real-time to respond as threats develop.
  3. Extensibility and flexibility
    Palo Alto’s firewall is built to scale, integrate new technologies, and support new architectures.
  4. Threat intelligence sharing
    Palo Alto’s firewalls minimize the spread of attacks through global knowledge.

OFFSITE’s certified network engineers are trained and certified in Palo Alto’s security offerings, which means that our clients are guaranteed to have the best protection available today. Unlike other clouds that come in a one-size-fits-all configuration, OFFSITE is able to tailor each cloud to our clients’ needs. Our partnership with Palo Alto ensures that our cloud specialists are able to build a cloud that not only offers world-class performance but also world-class security.

With Palo Alto’s security keeping OFFSITE’s clouds safe, our clients can focus on what matters the most – their business.

If you are ready to make the leap to OFFSITE’s heavily-protected cloud, contact one of our cloud specialists today.

High Security Features:

  • User visibility and control. Palo Alto’s firewalls offer complete transparency by letting you see who is using your applications on your network. You can set policy based on your users and even perform forensic analysis and generate reports on user activities so you always know exact who is using your network and how. Never be caught off guard again.
  • Anti-malware. Palo Alto’s stream-based engine stops malware in its tracks before it causes damage. They do this with by leveraging several techniques, including: payload signatures, enforcement across all deployment scenarios, stream-based detection hidden within all common file types, the WildFire threat analysis service, and Traps advanced endpoint protection.
  • Policy control. Palo Alto’s security network secures applications and prevents threats through a unique, single-pass architecture that works through advanced visibility into applications, users, and content. Palo Alto’s policy control reduces administration workload and the chance for error, therefore increasing security.
  • Exploit protection. Palo Alto protects against both known and unknown (zero-day) exploits at the perimeter and endpoint. Palo Alto does not rely on security patches or updates issued by the software developers, but uses it own unique technology to protect clients even when a possible exploit is unknown.
  • Integration and automation. Palo Alto eliminates the need to manually update firewall policies by integrating firewalls with external solutions and data sources. Palo Alto reduces security holes in your network through automatic updates.
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