Better Together: OFFSITE + veeam

OFFSITE is proud to partner with Veeam to deliver a superior disaster recovery solution. Gartner named Veeam’s market-leading backup, disaster recovery, and data management software a “Leader” for the sixth time in 2022. We find that partnering with Veeam allows our clients to mitigate risks and save time through a powerful disaster recovery solution. Every business needs a disaster recovery plan and Veeam makes it easy with its disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) solution.

Veeam operates an Always-On Enterprise, which is a business that operates 24/7/365, to allow organizations to meet their recovery time and recovery point objectives (RTO and RPO). An RTO is the amount of time it takes to recover and restore data after a disaster, while an RPO determines the age of the restore data. These two objectives will dictate all of your disaster recovery plans. The faster you can meet your objectives, the faster your business can return to working normally.

In today’s world, consumers expect service to be able 100% of the time. Even after a catastrophic disaster, Veeam can restore service in just a few minutes so that your business can stay competitive. In fact, Veeam guarantees that our clients will be able to hit their recovery time and recovery point objectives in less than 15 minutes after a disaster for all of their applications. 15 minutes to recovery is one of the fastest times on the market.

Veeam offers:

  • Affordable and effective image-based replication for disaster recovery
  • Easy licensing that we streamline for our clients
  • Disaster recovery that works for all of our clients, no matter their workload
  • No complex setup or migration process
No business can afford to be without a disaster recovery plan.

The truth of the matter is, it’s not if a disaster will happen, but when a disaster will happen. A disaster may be an act of nature, such as a hurricane or flood, must most are much more mundane and commonplace. Something as simple as user error, a malicious employee, or an update that runs into an issue could be the disaster that takes down your operating system.

Disaster cannot just be measured in lost profits during downtime, but also in lost data that cannot be recovered, lost customer trust, and lost future profits. Downtime can be incredibly expensive for companies and 84% of CIOs have an average recovery time of three hours or more.

With OFFSITE, our clients can leverage the power of an all-encompassing disaster recovery solution without the time and expense associated with design, deployment, migration planning, support, or maintenance. No company should feel like a disaster recovery plan is out of reach. OFFSITE can build a cloud and disaster recovery plan that works and fits your needs.

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OFFSITE's Network Operations Center in Kenosha, WI is staffed locally, by certified IT professionals performing managed IT services

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