Our team of certified engineers works in tandem with you to ensure your migration and implementation runs as smoothly as possible and is both stress-free and issue-free.

Whether upgrading systems, moving to the cloud, or consolidating data, a migration is likely in your future. It’s a massive undertaking and OFFSITE knows the significance of your data demands that the migration is implemented properly. Without a comprehensive strategy, data migration can cause more issues than solutions, causing you to be over budget and behind on timelines.

OFFSITE is here to assist our clients throughout this demanding process. Our team of engineers works in tandem with clients, creating a co-managed solution. OFFSITE is here for you – from planning to implementation, and every step in between.

Comprehensive system migration:

  • Hardware audits and documentation
  • Certified transportation of critical systems
  • Hardware rack and stack
  • Data pool migration
  • Network connectivity and testing
  • Equipment receiving and deployment
OFFSITE's expert team is available 24/7/365 to meet hardware, software & data migration planning & implementation, critical systems testing & authentication.

Our expert team is available 24/7 to meet your maintenance window requirements and service level agreements.

Optimize your cloud-based solution with help from OFFSITE's certified network engineers located in Kenosha, WI

Cloud Services

Not all clouds are created equal. Our enterprise cloud infrastructure is built to deliver maximum performance to your mission critical workloads.

OFFSITE offers colocation services to make sure your network & data are always available from our data center in Kenosha, WI

Colocation Services

Colocation offers the benefits of owning your own hardware while using the colocation facility’s power, cooling and infrastructure.

OFFSITE's Network Operations Center in Kenosha, WI is staffed locally, by certified IT professionals performing managed cyber security services

Cybersecurity Services

OFFSITE’s cloud solution helps technology leaders protect their IT assets through a suite of comprehensive cybersecurity services.

OFFSITE's Network Operations Center in Kenosha, WI is staffed locally, by certified IT professionals performing managed IT services

Managed IT Services

OFFSITE provides Managed Security Services to help protect your IT infrastructure both on-premises and in the cloud.

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