A large CPA firm with 5 offices in the United States, and over 500 employees fell victim to a cyber-attack. This company provides international tax services, business consulting, and accounting services to private and publicly traded companies around the globe. In 2018, they were confronted with a debilitating ransomware attack on their business.

By the time OFFSITE was contacted, both their production and backup environments had been compromised. The client was managing their own passwords and policies for their Veaam backup environment running on OFFSITE’s private cloud infrastructure. The bad guys were able to exploit this fact and delete all backup files after the attack encrypted all production data.

Typically, when OFFSITE receives system backups into our private cloud environment, we replicate those files from the primary datacenter in Kenosha to our Denver datacenter. OFFSITE’s Written Security Policies do not allow credentials for replicated backups to be shared with the customer personnel. This fact made recovery possible.

OFFSITE offers cybersecurity services from our data center in Kenosha, WI. Download our financial services ransomware case study.