Ransomware on the Rise

The United States Federal Bureau of Investigation issued warning of increased ransomware and other cyberattacks on businesses. Special Agent in Charge Matthew DeSarno says, “It is certainly a threat to national security, and we’ve seen a significant increase in attacks against private sector companies and government agencies at all levels.” This comes as the White House prioritizes improvements to our nation’s cybersecurity posture, and cybersecurity is at the forefront of global discourse.

Recent cybersecurity incidents, such as SolarWinds, Microsoft Exchange, and the Colonial Pipeline are unnerving reminders that no organization is immune to the ever-present risk of a cyberattack. A single cybersecurity incident can cause irreparable damage to an organization’s bottom line, reputation, and survival as a company. In response to the threat and high-profile breaches, the “Cyber Incident Notification Act of 2021” was introduced by a bipartisan group of Senators. The legislation would require all federal contractors to report potential and actual cybersecurity incidents to the Department of Homeland Security.

We at OFFSITE take cybersecurity seriously and are constantly surveilling client environments, as well as our own, for vulnerabilities that could affect our security. We continue to invest in cybersecurity resources and offer a pragmatic program of security strategies and best practices to help our clients decrease technology risk.

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