OFFSITE + Infinidat

Data Center Leader OFFSITE Selects Infinidat to Increase Data Storage at Scale

Infinidat, a leading provider of enterprise-class storage solutions, today announced that OFFSITE, a national provider of hosted, managed services and data center operations based in Wisconsin, selected Infinidat’s storage technology to support the growth of its business. Infinidat’s storage technology displaced the existing all-flash arrays that OFFSITE had been using to meet the enterprise technology requirements of its customers.

While catapulting OFFSITE into the petabyte-scale for the first time, the Infinidat solution was only one-third the cost of all-flash arrays for the same amount of usable storage, yet without the need to rely on compression and deduplication. OFFSITE adopted Infinidat’s elastic pricing and flexible consumption model.

“With the Infinidat storage solution, we have been able to meet the enterprise technology requirements of our customers and deliver ultra-fast, yet more cost-effective services,” said Joseph G. Rickard, CEO, at OFFSITE. “By building our on-premises, private cloud for us, Infinidat gives us the flexibility to only pay for the storage we use, allowing us to scale when more capacity is needed on demand. The capabilities that Infinidat has with VMware also make provisioning or expanding storage take only minutes.”

Steve Sullivan, EVP of Sales, North America, at Infinidat, said, “The favorable economics of Infinidat’s on-premises storage solution are changing the economics of the storage industry and what enterprise customers and cloud service providers are expecting. The success of OFFSITE is a great example of a company discovering how Infinidat delivers high performance, 100 percent availability, and reliability at a lower cost than the all-flash product from an incumbent vendor. An increasing number of companies are making this same discovery.”

OFFSITE was founded in 2001 as a disaster and workplace recovery data center. It has grown from a regional customer base in Illinois and Wisconsin to a national provider of private cloud services, shared and dedicated colocation services, disaster recovery services, and network operations center (NOC) solutions to mid-market IT enterprise companies. With redundant operations in Chicago and Denver, OFFSITE’s strong suit is its ‘always available’ and 24×7 network operations center. The company’s reliability, which its storage platform needs to ensure, continues to attract a diverse base of enterprise customers.

Infinidat’s solution aligns with OFFSITE’s goal to redefine the data center experience. OFFSITE provides a high-performing environment for its customers to manage their data operations with a guarantee of security, a powerful infrastructure, industry-leading technology, and comprehensive expertise.

Storage consolidation was a key consideration in selecting Infinidat. OFFSITE can now fit four petabytes in one rack, allowing the company to expand its footprint and scale quickly (minutes versus weeks) from 300 terabytes up to one petabyte – all while using generally available hardware that is not proprietary.

On the data protection and cyber recovery front, Infinidat’s immutable snapshot capability also factored into OFFSITE’s decision and is a value-add to protect data against ransomware. Immutable snapshots enable administrators to access or recover all data by quickly restoring a volume to its previous state or restoring specific files from any time in the past. As a unique capability offered by Infinidat, immutable snapshots cannot be altered or deleted. OFFSITE can now provide its customers with these snapshots for ransomware protection.

To read the OFFSITE case study for more details, click here.


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