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Custom 5 Rack Data Suite

Our dedicated data center suites offer you and your staff a private operational headquarters within our facility. Customized and built to meet the specific needs of your company, your dedicated data center suite leverages all the Tier III infrastructure and operational efficiency of our facility including, 24/7 monitoring and maintenance by our expert staff.



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Seeing Really is Believing, Our Private Data Suites Are unequaled

We are setting a new standard for truly private data suites that is unmatched in the industry. Each of our dedicated data centers meets the highest SOC, PCI and HIPAA auditing standards and requirements, while also setting a new benchmark for privacy, comfort and accessibility.



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Custom 10 Rack Inline Configuration

These days, many data center providers claim to offer dedicated suites, but nobody does it better than us. Of course the machines in a data center are important - what is sometimes overlooked is that the people who work there matter, too!



10 rack pod configuration, dedicated data center, offsite it solutions

Custom 10 Rack Pod Configuration

Create your own private cloud offering in your very own dedicated data center suite. And yes, you can staff your dedicated suite 24/7 and start building your Network Operations Team as well. We’ll even put your company logo on the door!



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Is your critical infrastructure nearing end-of-life? Are uptime, reliability and maintenance worries keeping you up at night? 

Then it’s time to call OFFSITE.

Strategically located at the midpoint of the Chicago/Milwaukee corridor, our tier-III designed, SOC 2, Type II data center campus is like nothing you have ever seen. We believe that our data centers should provide the very best infrastructure for your critical IT environment and the very best for the people who work in them, that means you! Flexibility and scalability are no longer selling points, they are the standard.  Because we run  large scale IT environments, we understand first hand that your IT environment is dynamic and requires a data center provider that can scale up and down as your needs change.



OFFSITE Data Center Features

  • SOC II Type II Audited controls and procedures
  • Highly flexible and scalable A/B power distribution
  • Clean agent fire suppression for all critical IT environments
  • 2N UPS feeds to all critical IT Loads
  • 2N precision cooling distributed by 2N cooling loop
  • 24/7 monitoring, reporting, inspections and notifications




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