30 November – International Computer Security Day

International Computer Security Day is intended to raise public awareness about an ever-present threat in today’s world: cybersecurity. Threats have evolved significantly since the first International Computer Security Day in 1988, and the means of protection against these threats have as well!

Adopting good virtual habits is essential to maintaining good cybersecurity. OFFSITE recommends the following best practices for you to observe this holiday and integrate into your cyber-routine:

  • Ensure end-point protection is in place to protect equipment from malware.
  • Enforce strong password Policies for all network accounts.
  • Update operating systems and software on a regular schedule.
  • Prevent employees from connecting to open public networks.

If your organization has concerns about cybersecurity, OFFSITE is here to help! Our engineers and analysts specialize in the identification, reduction, and mitigation of cyber risk. We have the expertise to implement thoughtful policies and realistic procedures to create a culture in which cybersecurity is taken seriously.

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