Data center horse power for when you need it most

High-Density Colocation

PING. POWER. PIPE. If you’re simply looking for raw high density data center horse power, we've got you covered. Our colocation services deliver 2N infrastructure in a highly secure environment to your critical IT systems. Scale up or down as you like, our colocation environments offer easy migration from half rack to multi rack deployments.

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We didn’t forget about you either. All of our large scale colocation environments have separate workstations so you can setup a laptop, charge your phone and talk to the home office while still viewing the colocation floor because we don’t like sitting on an egg crate balancing a laptop on our knees any more than you do. And yes, sprinkler heads and wet pipe fire suppression systems above IT gear make us a little nervous too. That’s why our large scale colocation environments utilize the latest in clean agent fire suppression systems for maximum uptime and reliability.

Colocation Features

  • 2N Power and UPS Distribution
  • 2N precision cooling and hot aisle containment
  • 24/7 monitoring, maintenance
  • Clean agent fire suppression systems above and below raised floor
  • Separate work stations with phones, power and communications


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