OFFSITE + Pure Storage

Three Philosophies of Pure Storage

Pure Storage defines its flash storage by three philosophies: effortless, efficient, and evergreen.

  • Effortless. Pure Storage eliminates maintenance. Put your storage on autopilot and forget about it. Pure Storage has eliminated tuning, storage pools, caching, tiering, performance troubleshooting, planned downtime, and everything else. Pure Storage Data Platform manages itself through machine learning predictive intelligence. It can let you know when it needs human oversight, otherwise, it’ll take care of itself.
  • Efficient. Pure Storage offers flash storage for everything: Tier 1, Tier 2, dev/test, big data, and analytics. Flash storage is smaller and faster than traditional storage. It offers unparalleled agility for companies that need room to scale but also don’t want to make compromises for performance.
  • Evergreen. Pure Storage’s flash storage is updated automatically, just like a SaaS application. That means it happens without any disruption, downtime, or performance problems. Pure Storage offers the ease and convenience of a managed service without the price tag.
Pure Storage defines its flash storage by three philosophies: effortless, efficient, and evergreen.

Pure Storage makes data storage easy. If you want to scale your data storage up quickly, Pure Storage has you covered. In fact, switching to flash storage through Pure Storage can actually save you money. Pure Storage estimates that businesses can save $1 million a year for every ½ petabyte they switch to Cloud Era Flash. It will also free up an employee from managing and overseeing that storage through Pure Storage’s effortless, efficient, and evergreen service.

Data, and the need for data storage, is growing at an exponential rate. As this data becomes increasingly important for businesses, it is critical to be able to store, access, and analyze data quickly and without hassle.

OFFSITE is proud to partner with Pure Storage to bring our clients the fastest storage capabilities available. Pure Storage offers evergreen flash storage that’s easy to use, efficient, and agile. Gartner consistently places Pure Storage as a leader in solid-state arrays.

OFFSITE partners with Pure Storage to provide the fastest storage capabilities available, with evergreen flash storage that’s easy to use, efficient, & agile.

Pure Storage is industry-leading with its flash storage solutions: Purity, Pure 1, Flasharray//M, Flasharray//X, FlashBlade, and FlashStack. Pure Storage’s solutions can ramp up the performance for server or desktop virtualization, database systems, and cloud computing. Pure Storage also offers higher resiliency, better encryption, and an easy interface. OFFSITE has chosen to partner with Pure Storage to bring our clients the better storage solution on the market. We believe that Pure Storage offers better performance for a lower cost than other leading providers. In fact, we believe that the longer you use Pure Storage, the better you’ll like it.

Pure Storage is will automatically update your storage solution to ensure that you have the best service available to date. You won’t have to worry about aging hardware or software because Pure Storage maintains itself. We’ve found that Pure Storage works for all of our client’s various needs because no matter what, Pure Storage always offers dynamic, secure storage solutions that are easy to manage and easy on the pocketbook.

OFFSITE chooses to work with Pure Storage not only because it offers a better storage solution, but also because we can leverage flash storage to offer our clients unmatched performance. OFFSITE engineers are trained and certified in flash storage from Pure Storage. From startups to global enterprises, we can build clouds with storage that will get better as it ages.

In fact, that’s what OFFSITE prides itself on – building clouds for our clients to meet their needs. We’ll never sell you a cookie-cutter solution because we know that each of our clients are unique and their clouds should be too.

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