A FinTech client provides custom-developed tools for their end users to easily access in-depth custom financial portfolio data. Since their infrastructure is hosted completely in the Azure Cloud, they were looking for a solution that would integrate seamlessly and could be deployed rapidly to meet their virtual desktop needs.

In order to interact with the financial models for the application, the team required desktop software with access to the production database which is hosted as a managed instance in the Azure Cloud. This required a lengthy installation and configuration process for each app/ dev user. Those end-user laptops or desktops required significant resources to run the required commercial software.

The performance of the application was subject to the stability and bandwidth of the connectivity to the end users’ laptop or desktop, which could lead to unpredictable results with limited visibility into the metrics of the experience for the team.

Since the application required connectivity to the database with sensitive information, the risk for data exfiltration or data compromise was significantly increased. Furthermore, additional connectivity points needed to be created to allow these external users. This created additional cyber-attack vectors.