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Disaster Recovery

Let’s start with a few facts.

Less than 50% of small and mid-sized businesses have a disaster recovery plan in place. Less than one in four businesses backup critical data on a daily basis. And if your one of the 38% percent of businesses that still backup critical data using tapes at a remote site, you’re looking at an average recovery time objective of at least 20 hours to restore you company’s critical infrastructure.

By leveraging our DRaaS infrastructure, you no longer have to be among these statistics. You and your companies critical business systems can now have peace of mind knowing you can effectively and reliably recover your business quickly.

Custom Backup & Replication

Our team of DR experts will customize a backup and replication policy for your critical data that fits your business needs. Getting your critical data offsite and securely stored is the backbone of any DR plan. Our storage experts will optimize your unique storage environment based on our tiered storage model to give you the most cost effective and reliable solution possible.

Once your critical data is backed up and securely stored, our team of experts will customize and preconfigure a virtual machine environment to replace your critical IT systems and applications in the event of disaster. Your customized virtual environment lies dormant at the ready, there when you need it.

Why recover your business in days or hours when you can recover in minutes with OFFSITE’s DRaaS.

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