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Network Operations Center (NOC)

As cloud adoption continues to grow, our Network Operations Center has evolved into the heart of our Data Center. Our NOC is responsible for the critical tasks of network monitoring and maintenance. At OFFSITE, our NOC is also an ever-present extension of our customers' IT department. Our NOC technicians are available 24/7 to assist in a variety of disciplines. 

What should customers expect from the NOC?

At OFFSITE or any other data center of note, it would be difficult to monitor the network without some kind of visual representation of what the network looks like. You would also expect to see workstations that monitor the current state of the network and highlight any faults.

How does the NOC keep track of the demands on it?

Problems arise and calls for help come in a completely random fashion. OFFSITE uses two essential tools to ensure organization and prioritization:

  • Job tickets to keep track of issues; and
  • A system of priorities that makes sure that the most critical items are dealt with first, while also allowing nothing to linger beyond a certain time.

Only systematic minds need apply

At OFFSITE, we know the value of a systematic approach. A good NOC runs on reporting and the knowledge of its staff.  At OFFSITE, major incidents are reported immediately and additional RFO’s can be requested as necessary to highlight trouble resolution through the entire process. When it comes to solving an issue, it's not enough to be able to say, “We fixed that.” We work until we know why the incident occurred and what can be done to prevent it from occurring again. Our NOC consists of technicians who have an investigative instinct and a desire to get to the root of a problem.

What makes a good network operations center operative?

There’s more to being a good NOC technician than a systemic mind. A first-class understanding of technology is necessary, due to technology's ever-changing nature.  You also need the willingness to stay abreast of developments. You need creativity because sometimes the obvious and well-tried solution doesn’t work and it’s necessary to find what has changed and deal with it. At OFFSITE, we also place great stress on customer-facing qualities.

There was a time – many years ago – when the work of what is now a NOC could be done by a systems programmer. Systems programmers of the past were known more for their technical skills than their people skills. They worked best in a secluded room where they were rarely bothered. That approach doesn’t work anymore. The NOC interfaces with colleagues and customers every day, and the ability to work with and understand the customer’s concerns is vital.

At OFFSITE we never lose sight of the vital importance to our customers of the quality of our NOC. Get in touch, make an appointment and let us show you around. We think you’ll be impressed.




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