State of the art workplace recovery environment.


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Workplace Recovery

Thanks to the flexibility of mobile technologies, most companies plan to adopt a “work from home” policy for their non-essential employee’s. That makes a lot of sense to us.

However, for many organizations the value of organizing key business leaders in an operational headquarters to run and recover their business is essential in a time of crisis.

Our state of the art workplace recovery environment is designed to replicate and function as your corporate headquarters when you need it most.

Features include:

  • 105 fully functional workplace recovery stations with new PC’s and latest software.
  • Four private C-level offices.
  • 15 seat conference room.
  • Fully customizable phone systems including call forwarding/recording and voice mail.
  • Private IT workspace
  • Dedicated high availability data center for long term asset deployment.
  • High speed connectivity to all work stations.
  • Kitchen and concierge services.

When you combine our workplace recovery environment with our DRaaS for your critical IT systems, your disaster recovery plan may start to look more like a business continuity plan. And that’s even better.

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