You’ve decided to move to a data center. How do you go about it?


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The Transition to a Data Center

Up to now, you’ve used your own in-house data center. Now, you’re moving to OFFSITE. Maybe it’s colocation, maybe it’s managed hosting, maybe it’s the cloud, and maybe it’s some of all those things, but the question is the same: how do you go about it? What steps do you need to take?

First, don’t worry. This may be new for you, but it isn’t for us.

We’re not strangers

It’s unlikely that we’re strangers to each other. We’ve quoted a price, and to do that we had to get to know you:

  • What you do;
  • How you’re organized right now; and, most important of all,
  • What you want to get from the move.

And we know the move is right for you because, if it wasn’t, we’d have told you.

What do you expect from your data center provider when transitioning?

You’ve told us your targets. And we’ve tested them because we have to be certain we can deliver what you want!

Then we plan. And, when we say “we,” we mean “WE.” You, and us. We’re in this together. Here are some of the things we need to do:

  • Document all your assets
  • Establish where applications interlock
  • Work out what needs to happen at OFFSITE, and what must be available there, to ensure downtime is insignificant. Speaking of which:
  • Make sure the plan provides redundancy so that downtime doesn’t happen.

Migrating from your data center to ours is an exercise that requires the utmost care. But, if you know you have to migrate, well, then, you have to migrate.

So migrate to the supplier whose done it many times before without complaint. Migrate to OFFSITE.


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