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Premium Data Center

“Premium.” According to Webster’s dictionary, it means “Having or reflecting superior quality or value,” “Being super, excellent, first-class, first-rate or splendid,” or “Being best, better or optimum.” 

OFFSITE Offers Premium Data Center Services

Getting to the top – becoming the best – doesn’t come by chance, and nor does staying there. At OFFSITE, we set out to redefine our customers’ data center experience. A premium data center like ours delivers the highest level of performance and unmatched customer service. Facilities that are secure against both online and physical intruders. A powerful infrastructure. State-of-the-art technology, and product offerings that deliver solutions no matter what. It’s a question of: “The answer’s yes. Now what’s the question?”

As technology changes, so do our customers’ needs. We meet them. That’s what a premium data center does.

  • A fully secure SOC 2, Type 2 compliant and audited data center operation
  • Industry-leading technology, high-performance equipment, and vast data storage
  • Dedicated suites providing a fully equipped high tech home-from-home for your people, and backup from ours through a NOC team of the highest quality

It might be relocating your corporate data center, implementing a private cloud strategy, ensuring you’re protected by a failsafe disaster recovery plan or something else entirely. Whatever it is, it’s here.


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