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NOC Data Center

Threats are a fact of life

Threats may be technical, they may be operational, they may be completely accidental or loaded with hostile intent, but they exist. A top quality NOC data center provides full protection. It makes sure threats remain threats and don’t execute. The best data center is the data center that maintains total control to keep threats at bay.

Network Operations Center. Data Center. Where does one end and the other start?

It isn’t really like that. A Network Operations Center (NOC) doesn’t front-end a data center – it surrounds it. It does the same for colocation and disaster recovery situations, too. A good data center provides robust power, stable networking and physical AND data security measures, so data center customers should never have to worry about security, whether of:

  • Hardware;
  • Data;
  • Physical security;
  • Power; or
  • Networks.


Specialists are people who know a huge amount about a fairly tightly defined subject. Specialists are said to work in “silos” and it’s a useful word for a useful mindset. Data centers need specialists – so long as there’s a structure in place that transcends the silos and ensures everyone and everything works together to achieve the objective – seamless, trouble-free service delivery to the only people who matter: the data center’s customers. FCAPS and ITIL provide that network management framework.

FCAPS has five levels:

Fault management. Keeps the environment operational by finding and correcting faults and protecting against faults that can be predicted but haven’t happened yet.

Configuration. IT infrastructure is changing all the time. New equipment is added, old units go, the software changes, a firmware update is loaded – it’s happening all the time. Whatever the changes, performance continues at premium level. The Configuration layer sees to it.

Allocation. The allocation level distributes resources in the most optimum way and according to contractual commitments, as well as making sure that users are billed only for what they use. The more volatile the business environment, the more vital the Allocation level is.

Performance. In an environment as fast moving and volatile as a data center, foreseeing bottlenecks and eliminating them before they arise is vital. The Performance layer does that, and also indicates changes that would improve service delivery.

Security. This level is not just about giving network administrators the tools to say which users can access what parts of the system, vital though that is. It is also where we eliminate all forms of sabotage, hacking and downright misfeasance. Without security, a data center is nothing.

ITIL – the Information Technology Infrastructure Library is what allows a NOC, and therefore a data center, to guarantee quality control by laying down best practice in environmental management. At Offsite, we have our own wiki which serves as “ITIL” in this scenario.  Our wiki transcends ITIL by covering the entire facility including infrastructure and our core IT systems. 

Maintaining Data Center Quality

OFFSITE customers know that what they receive is peak performance. They also know it doesn’t happen by accident. Staying at the highest level and getting the process right – first time, every time – requires sustained attention to detail and practice. We take care of operations control so our customers can run their businesses free of security concerns.


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