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Managed Services

IT is an essential part of any business. It’s difficult to think of a single period of time in which a company can exist with no IT at all. That doesn’t mean, though, that everyone needs an IT department. Managed Services is the top level of outsourcing; it means you outsource every aspect of IT.

Can risk be outsourced?

Yes, it can. And the benefits can be significant. System breakdown, lost data, software failure – when you run your own IT department, solving those problems is down to you. The costs – in time, in-process costs, and in dealing with the results of the failure – can be immense. The past few years are littered with the tombstones of businesses that failed to survive such a disaster. But, with Managed Services, it isn’t your job to fix it – that falls to the MSP (Managed Services Provider). And, if you’ve chosen well, the MSP will have the skills to do it.

Fix your attention on what you’re good at

The only businesses whose core skill lies in IT are IT businesses. If you’re not one, then the things you are good at are not in IT, and it follows that the things you need to focus on are not IT things. Managed Services gives you the ability to transfer responsibility for the areas in which you don’t have expertise so that you can focus on those in which you do.

You can stop worrying about staff losses

IT staff tend to be most interested in the challenges offered by the work they do, and meeting the business’s needs comes a poor second. When you have your own IT department, there’s always the possibility that key IT staff members will leave because your software, your hardware, your operating system are no longer state-of-the-art and they therefore see no career advantage in remaining with you. Change to Managed Services, and that no longer applies – your MSP should have little trouble holding onto staff members, because (assuming once again that you chose well) your MSP will be state-of-the-art.

Fix your costs

It’s very difficult to know exactly what the costs of your in-house IT department are going to be for the coming year. There will be upgrades, there’ll be expansion – all sorts of things can upset budgetary calculations. With Managed Services, that doesn’t apply; you’ll sign a Service Level Agreement (SLA) that will specify exactly what level of service you are going to receive, and you’ll agreed to pay a fixed amount in return.

Enjoy unsurpassed levels of expertise

Unless you are a very large enterprise, you simply can’t afford to hire the best trained and best informed IT staff. Sign a Managed Service agreement with a state-of-the-art MSP, and you won’t need to because the MSP will.

Those are some of the advantages of Managed Services. To discuss how you might make use of them, get in touch with OFFSITE. You’ll be talking our business.


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