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Managed Data Center Services You Can Trust

Nothing stands still in IT. Not your needs; not the services on offer; not the standards you expect. And not managed data center services. The one constant is change, and the pace of change is accelerating.

We can, though, take some concerns off your shoulders. Concerns like uptime, maintenance, scalability and reliability. When you run your own data center, those all depend on you; they’re not your “main” job, but you have to deal with them and make sure nothing goes wrong. Let us manage your data center and your main job becomes your only job, because making sure the data center runs the way it should is our main job.

Managed Data Center, offsite, data center services

Manage data center services from OFFSITE give you:

  • SOC II Type II Audited controls and procedures
  • Highly flexible and scalable A/B power distribution
  • 2N UPS feeds to all critical IT Loads
  • 2N precision cooling distributed by 2N cooling loop
  • 24/7 inspection, monitoring and reporting
  • Clean agent fire suppression for all critical IT environments

Scale up and down as your needs change. Bring on more customers, drop others, with instant reaction. Never accidentally fall foul of regulation because a server was in a non-compliant location. Know that your infrastructure is always secure and your downtime is where it should be – approaching zero if not actually there. Pay for all the storage you need and not a megabyte you don’t.

That’s managed data center services – the OFFSITE way.


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