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Hybrid IT

Hybrid IT is what you get when you bring together internal and external IT services which, increasingly, means combining internal and external clouds.

Hybrid IT is not something for only the CIO to think about; it’s there to improve business outcomes, and the fact that it also transforms IT is a by-product and not an objective.

Hybrid IT comes about because:

  • There are new ways to connect one cloud to another
  • Classifying data is now done in different ways for different objectives
  • More and more organizations feel at home with the cloud – secure with the cloud – and are ready to explore the new possibilities the cloud opens up

According to Gartner, “A hybrid IT model requires internal and external IT professionals to support the business capabilities of the enterprise.”

And that takes us to the heart of the matter: to make hybrid IT solutions work for you, you need the highest possible level of collaboration between your IT people and your business managers on the one hand, and your datacenter on the other.

You need the level of understanding and collaboration that a data center like OFFSITE can offer.


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