There’s no magic to it; data centers are highly complex, yet much simpler than you may think.


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How a Data Center Works

Put simply, a data center is a concentrated store of computing devices, storage devices, and networking equipment. There’s a lot more we could say, but that’s what it comes down to. It’s always been easy for people who don’t work with and in data centers to see them as somehow non-material, and the arrival of the cloud has made that even more so, but there’s actually nothing ethereal about a data center – even if some of your data is being stored a long way from where you are, it’s still on a server and the server is still a physical thing.

How Data Centers Differ

The difference in data centers is partly in the quality and modernity of the equipment, partly in the security (physical and non-physical) with which it’s surrounded – and partly by how well it’s made to do its job.

It’s possible to talk in very profound terms about how data centers work but that is not the OFFSITE way. Data is stored on disk, and data centers like OFFSITE have many types of specialized disk appliances, servers and storage to accommodate any need. The data is sent where it’s needed via a network; for that to happen, it’s split up into packets and the packets making up a single data transmission may travel to their destination through a variety of routes before being reassembled in the correct sequence for presentation at the computer from which the data was requested. 

Things can go wrong during that process – data packets may be corrupted or actually lost, or they can be hacked. One of a data center’s most important functions is the web of devices and measures to ensure both security and, where needed, recovery, while another is arranging data storage at two or more locations to ensure its safety and integrity.

OFFSITE Data Center

OFFSITE has all that. And OFFSITE has something else, without which everything we have described would count for nothing: we have the people who understand it all, understand also the nature of the customer’s demands, and make everything come together.

And all of that has to be done at minimum cost, because the data center world is extremely competitive.


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