Can the Cloud claim the credit for DevOps?


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DevOps and Data Centers

Here at OFFSITE, we’re great believers in cross-functional working. Getting people out of their silos so that they can start collaborating with other departments and get the organization to its goals faster. Hence our soft spot for DevOps.

For those (if there are any left) who haven’t come across the expression, DevOps is exactly what it looks and sounds like: a coming together of those responsible for developing new applications and processes and those responsible for operations – including operation of those same new applications and processes.

Why DevOps

A regular theme at OFFSITE is the speed at which things change. Changes in operations work coincided with the need for a new approach to development to produce DevOps. It became clear that the only way organizations were going to see development at the speed they needed was by getting operations people and development people out of their silos and working together to achieve the goal. And the first step was persuading both functions that the goal was shared because one of the reasons silos become impregnable is that people in them believe that only their objectives and ways of doing things really count.

The importance of KPIs

And before we chastise those operations people and development engineers for thinking only about their own goals, it might be wise to take a look at the Key Performance Indicators they agreed at their last HR appraisal session. Too many appraisals end with a list of measures of how the department head thinks the department should be performing and not enough to take into account the place the organization as a whole wants to get to, and the speed which they want to complete the journey.

At OFFSITE, KPIs measure how well we meet the customers’ global needs and aspirations – and very little else. Because, once you’ve done that, what else is there to do?

DevOps and the cloud work together. They also work apart

We see a lot of DevOps at OFFSITE, because the cloud is an obvious place for it. Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Runtime as a Service (that’s so new, does it even have its own acronym yet?) provide a convenient way for developers to get all the computing power they need when they want it without waiting until the in-house data center can let them on for a predetermined time (which is never enough). The organization also has the satisfaction of knowing that it will pay for exactly the amount of time and processing it uses, and no more.

That’s led to a belief in some quarters that DevOps and the cloud are inseparable – that, like love and marriage in Sammy Cahn’s famous song, they go together like a horse and carriage. And that is not the case. Come to OFFSITE and you can do them together. Or you can do them apart. The benefits will be enormous, whichever way you go.


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