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Database Backup

Database backup enables you to restore a database that has been corrupted or crashed. (Or lost, though that is more difficult to imagine). As well as protecting against calamity, there can be compliance reasons for database backup in a number of government-regulated industries.

In either case, you need to be able to restore every aspect of the database: the architecture, the operational state, and all data stored in the database. And, in the case of regulated industries, you need to be able to demonstrate that you have that ability.

Reliable Database Backups

Database backup = database replication. It's done by database management software, it lets you get back to exactly where you were – database, logs, data, all replaced precisely – and it can be stored on a backup server (which can be anywhere) as well as locally.

Remote backup shouldn’t mean REMOTE backup!

Just one thing we ask you to think about. Offsite backup makes all kinds of sense – but where?

How long will it take you to reach it when you need it?

And how many technician hours will be lost in getting to a really distant site. It makes sense to work through the mechanics of restoring your database before you have to do it for real.


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