No-one wants data center migration, but when you have to, you have to.


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Data Center Migration

Let’s be frank: although data center migration is not uncommon, very few people undertaking it don’t wish that they weren’t. You migrate to a new data center because you’ve run out of space, you’ve run out of power, or for some other reason. It’s unavoidable. That doesn’t stop it being a nightmare. This is when you find out just how many stakeholders you have, and just how different their various interests are.

Quality Data Center Migration Service

If you’re going to do this, you owe it to yourself as well as to all those stakeholders to make the migration the best job it possibly can be, and the most long-lasting. Here are some things you need to be thinking about:

  • Make sure that everything you need for at least five years (and ideally more than five) is going to be in place.
    • Is the power per square foot high enough? Not just for where you are right now, but for where you – and technology – are going. Servers and storage devices in particular are getting smaller and smaller while handling more and more. It’s very difficult to overestimate future power needs, and laughably easy to err in the opposite direction.
    • Take a close look at where the various types of equipment are located. Does it make sense? And has whoever planned it allowed, just in the physical layout, for the growth that is almost certain to come?
    • While you’re checking out location of the equipment, take a look at cable location, too. If a cable upgrade became necessary, just what sort of upheaval would that amount to?
  • What’s your IPv6 strategy? Okay, so it looks like overkill at the moment – but just take a look around and count up the number of things that once looked like overkill, now fall into the “couldn’t be without” category, and – one day, probably far sooner than anyone is thinking right now – will have become a superseded memory.
  • Make sure that all your stakeholders know exactly what is going on, what the timetable is, and how it’s going to affect them. Because affect them it will.

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