Data Center Companies: A brief history


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Data Center Companies. How they began, and how they became what they are.

The earliest data centers – and we’re going back 50 years here – were like laundromats; they were run by computer manufacturers and they were where companies went to get their data processed when they either didn’t have a computer of their own (which, amazing as it may seem now, was true of more than 50% of companies in the early 1960s, including some quite big organizations) or they had a computer but needed access to a more powerful facility for particular applications. (Aero engine manufacturer Rolls-Royce had significant computing power but ran research and linear programming applications overnight – and that means ALL night – on two back-to-back 360/65s at an IBM data center).

The Evolution of Data Centers

The expression “data center” then came to be applied to the place where a company’s IT department kept its own computing equipment.

And now things have come almost full circle because even large enterprises are steadily moving away from having their own data centers and relying on those operated by data center specialists – either for colocation (where the data center company stores the enterprise’s own equipment) or to replace their own equipment altogether.

The trend is towards greater professionalism.
And that’s a trend that we at OFFSITE welcome.

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