Data center customers should insist on carrier neutrality


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Carrier Neutral Data Center

Customers looking for a data center should always insist on carrier neutrality. A carrier-neutral data center is one that does not impose restrictions on telecom, ISP, or other service providers. If the data center is not carrier-neutral, the customer will either:

  • Be restricted to a single service option; or
  • Have a choice of carriers, none of which is one the customer is happy with.

Even if the available carriers include one the customer is happy with at the time of signing up, it is not a good thing to be tied to a provider. Things change. Prices can rise and technological enhancements may not be offered. There is, in short, a lack of competition, and competition in matters like this is essential.

Why Choose Carrier Neutral?

A data center that is not carrier-neutral is almost never as cost-effective as one that is. And nor is it driven to obtain the best possible service for the customer. When service providers know that other providers can compete for a data center’s business, they have an incentive to keep their prices as low and their service levels as high as they possibly can.

There is also the fact that no one knows what new developments – in colocation, in telecommunications, in security – may at some point become available. Data center customers should always be looking for maximum flexibility in order to ensure that all options are and remain open. Only carrier neutrality guarantees that.


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