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Dedicated Data Center Services

Data centers need to be flexible.

At OFFSITE, we start with each customer’s individual needs and build customer services around them. We know other customers’ needs are different, and that’s fine: a good data center works customer by customer. Some are happy with shared web hosting, where a single server may host many websites belonging to many customers.

And some aren’t.

When you need control

What dedicated means is that we provide the service but you are in total control. Whatever data center facility you’re using, you’re using it alone. The server is dedicated just to you. You can choose the operating system, you can choose the hardware, and no-one else’s data can thumb a ride. And, if your work is regulated by a body such as HIPAA and you’re required to use dedicated hardware – you’re compliant.

Dedicated suites – for workspace, disaster recovery, private hosting, vendor meetings and demonstrations, or even just an ‘escape from the office’ – are here for the asking. Dedicated NOC services give you total control to engineer & manage your systems the way you want them.

OFFSITE facilities are dedicated because OFFSITE is dedicated – to providing a state of the art facility with the flexibility to meet our customer’s specific individual needs. OFFSITE buildings are custom-built, which makes providing up-to-the-minute, best-in-class HVAC, security and power redundancy a lot easier than it would be in most medium sized and enterprise data centers.

Dedication brings benefits

Dedicated data center services means performance, security, and control – all while getting your company’s needs precisely met. 


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