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How Colocation Works

IT people are used to having to disentangle meaning. In very many cases, terms are used by one company in one place to mean something different to another company in another place. Sometimes the difference is minor; at others it seems impossible to bridge the gap. Here’s what colocation means to OFFSITE and its users: servers and networking equipment are housed in a data center belonging to a third party. If you’re the customer and we’re the provider, you put equipment belonging to you into a facility belonging to us. You won’t be (by any means) the only customer doing that; you and our other customers “co-locate” your gear in our shop. Hence the term, “colocation.”

Benefits of colocation to the customer:

  • No capital outlay for space. The customer rents space by the rack or by the cabinet;
  • Economies of scale that come from the construction of a data center far larger than each individual customer would require;
  • Dedicated services providing security (of data, of power and against intruders), fire protection and monitoring to a standard few private data centers can match;
  • OFFSITE takes on all the chores of managing the data center, leaving the customer free to run the customer’s business – which amounts to each party doing what it was set up to do.

You get all the benefits of a managed data center while keeping control of your servers. And you never have to worry about the building itself.


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