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Colocation Services

Scalable & Secure Data Center Colocation Services

Feeling the pressures of managing your company’s critical and ever-changing data infrastructure under less than ideal conditions? Our innovative, colocation solutions were built specifically to address these concerns. 


  • Want the power you need, when you need it, available from someone you can count on;
  • Need to know the equipment is there, that it’s scalable, that you can get more the moment you need it but that you don’t pay for one Kb more than you need right now;
  • Have people with all the skills you need in software and data management and don’t want to have to give the physical environment – the servers, the data storage, the network links – a moment’s thought;
  • Want physical and data security.


  • Have been a trusted partner for more than a decade and have all the equipment you could ever want, with room for you to grow;
  • Have 2N Power, 2N precision cooling and hot aisle containment and UPS Distribution. Put them together and they say: No Disasters Here;
  • Monitor, maintain and support 24/7;
  • Have clean agent fire suppression systems above and below raised floor, so no washouts or data losses on our watch;
  • Provide separate workstations with phones, power and communications. Just like having your home office right next door.

Pay for what you need; bring additional capacity on stream quickly; know your costs with certainty from month to month; set your IT staff free to do the productive work you pay them for while we take care of the physical, storage and networking elements that are our specialty.

That’s colocation hosting from OFFSITE. Data centers that are scalable, secure and have built-in redundancy, without the horrendous start-up cost of building your own data center or the ongoing cost of maintaining it. Why would you even contemplate anything else?


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