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Colocation or Cloud?

Change happens faster in IT than anyone expects. Okay, that’s true of most areas of human endeavor, but it’s particularly so in IT. Figures out recently from Uptime Institute (they’re the guys who certify Tier I to IV data centers) say that at least half of enterprise CIOs believe the majority of their IT work will be off-premises by 2017 – and a fair proportion of that 50% say, “It’s already there”.

And, if that’s the way chosen by enterprise CIOs, who have the budget and the clout to keep everything in-house should that be what they want to do, how much more true is it for the SMEs that are the true American powerhouse?

The question, though, is: What do they mean by off-premises? Where, precisely, has that work gone/will it be going? OFFSITE knows the answer, and Uptime Institute confirms what OFFSITE knows. Some is going to the cloud, largely in the form of data centers like OFFSITE and some is going to colocation – largely in the form of data centers like OFFSITE.

Why the Move to Colocation & Cloud Servers?

Every function in every company in every country in the Western world (and a lot elsewhere, too) is under pressure to meet three targets:

  • Get things done faster;
  • Avoid implementation disaster;
  • Have absolute clarity and transparency regarding cost and contractual benefits/obligations.

Agility is demanded from IT, just as it is demanded from Sales, Finance, and Marketing. The world changes faster with every month that passes; business empires rise and fall with amazing speed, depending on whether they do or do not read the prevailing mood and ride the winds of change; taking too long has become a worse error than not getting things right.

Whatever the reason, competent, state-of-the-art data centers like OFFSITE are increasingly where companies of all sizes are finding the solutions they need with the contracts they want to sign and the prices they want to pay.


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