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Managed Cloud Hosting

When hosting a website on a single server – dedicated or shared, it really doesn’t matter – is no longer enough, website owners turn to clustered hosting. It’s a simple concept: the website is hosted on multiple servers. Increasingly, those servers are in the cloud.

That’s cloud hosting. It’s IaaS – infrastructure as a service – and it brings real benefits. The biggest is cost; you pay only for what you use.

Why OFFSITE Managed Cloud Hosting?

OFFSITE Managed Cloud Hosting does what all OFFSITE services do – gives you space and time to run your business by freeing you from the need to look after those infrastructural matters that are vital but aren’t what you are really best at. For you, infrastructure is a distraction. For us, it’s what we do.

There’s public cloud and private cloud but, for this purpose, only private cloud will do. You get ring-fenced servers, ring-fenced networks – ring-fenced everything to make sure that security of your data is absolute.

We’ll put together a private cloud solution customized to meet your requirements precisely – there’s no “one size fits all” at OFFSITE, and we don’t cut corners. Then our Network Operations Center (NOC) team will manage every aspect of the hosting infrastructure for you.

OFFSITE Managed Cloud Hosting – the sure way to peace of mind and a superlative user experience.


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