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Managed Cloud Hosting Services

The cloud is ever present in IT, and managed cloud hosting is as popular as managed hosting. The principle is simple: as with managed hosting, we provide and look after the hardware, the operating systems and the system software. Installing, configuring, maintaining, updating, and monitoring are all our job. The difference from managed hosting is that, in managed cloud hosting, the customer resources are on (usually) multiple servers in (often) several locations which – unless there are compliance and regulatory reasons why they must be – may not even be in the United States.

Why managed cloud hosting? Why OFFSITE?

Customers choose managed cloud hosting because they want a service that competes with the public cloud when it comes to cost (which is why managed cloud hosting is usually priced on monthly contracts), but they also want the safe reliability of private hosting. OFFSITE meets the requirements with first-class Network Operations Control (NOC) and staff of the highest quality. We will also provide absolute security and unquestioned uptime.

OFFSITE delivers

This is what you get from an OFFSITE managed cloud hosting package:

  • Multi-site, multi-levelled redundancy for unquestioned availability;
  • The security of a network defended by virtual local area networks, prevention and monitoring systems, and protected firewalls;
  • Resource balancing and failover – the key benefit of all cloud operations;
  • Technical support that steps in when required as though our staff were your own (the famed OFFSITE Smart Hands, like having your own zero hours contracted top-level technical staff).




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