How Do You Solve A Problem Like Data Storage?


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Cloud Storage Services

If the cloud did not exist, it would have to be invented because storage has become a challenge. One zettabyte is a billion terabytes, and IDC forecasts that four years from now the amount of data being generated will be 35 zettabytes. They don’t mean in total; that will be the amount of data generated in a single year. And it will go on increasing. Put that data onto DVDs and the stack would reach halfway to Mars.

It’s a frightening thought, which becomes even more frightening when you realize that this isn’t just someone else’s problem; some of that data is yours. The big question is not “how will we access it?” but “where on earth can we put it?” Storage devices gets smaller every year, but the amount of floor space taken up in the average company’s data center will still be large.

Data stored in the cloud, on the other hand, takes up no floor space at all in the average company’s data center. Not a single square inch. So there we are: problem created and problem solved. At OFFSITE we have enterprise grade storage solutions that cater for your storage environment: an environment that never stops changing. There are three tiers of storage:

  • Tier I: mission-critical and secret data that must be protected and must be available;
  • Tier II: still vital, but less frequently accessed; could be financial data, could be classified, could be seldom used;
  • Tier III: it’s unclassified, it’s not often looked at (or for) but it has to be there.

OFFSITE will sort, allocate and maintain data from all of those tiers for you. You pay for what you need, and you free up your own space. Win-win. Call us now and let’s talk about your needs and start customizing a solution.


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