What makes the OFFSITE experience different?

An OFFSITE techie’s view on why OFFSITE is a cut above

My name is Matt Geary and I’m a Support Engineer at OFFSITE.

Among the things you rely on a data center for are:

  • Backup; and
  • Redundancy.

One of the benefits of my position here at OFFSITE is the experience of being able to visit other data centers to check on those things and for installation and maintenance of what we deploy in them.  There are quite a few contrasts in some of these facilities that really enforce my belief that we provide a level of service and some great features that are hard to come by elsewhere. Those visits changed the way I look at the industry; I used to think of OFFSITE as “a” data center, but now I know that it is THE data center.

Elsewhere on this website you’ll find detail about the high level of technical proficiency and state-of-the-art equipment at OFFSITE. Here are some of the smaller things that also make us stand-out from the crowd. For anyone who never visits their data center, these differences may seem trivial – but if you’re in IT and your data center is a regular on your call list, you’ll know better.

We love cars!

We have several ‘car guys’ on staff that love their vehicles, and while this isn’t something that makes us better than any other data center, we have ample parking spaces (with video surveillance) at our facility, and these lots allow fast and easy access to your equipment.  There is nothing worse than having to park blocks away from your data center in the rain, snow or scorching heat and having to transport servers or other hardware while being exposed to these harsh elements – unless you’re parking in a bad neighborhood in bad weather!

Whether it be by car, delivery truck or motorcycle (we have a few riders here too, myself included!) rest assured we can accommodate your vehicle in our spacious parking lot when you get here – without fear of tickets, feeding a meter or worrying about the car you may love.

Plus, it’s a nice place to be

There are people for whom the worst part of the day is the journey to work. That doesn’t apply at OFFSITE. We’re easy to find, the area itself is pleasant (take a walk outside at lunch time and you’ll see) and traffic jams are a rarity. I talked to someone who works somewhere I wouldn’t want to work. He said, “I wake up feeling fine, and by the time I’ve driven to work, I’m a nervous wreck.” Not here!

A clean, well lit facility

No mazes here.  No dark, unlit halls.  No server racks in spaces without adequate lighting to perform the work you need to do.  Private suite or colocation, the ability to SEE what you are doing makes it a lot easier to do what you are here to do, and we won’t leave you in the dark!

The Private Suite

Most data centers I’ve been in are strictly colocation.  Halls and corridors filled with row upon row of racks where your hardware is lined up next to hardware that belongs to others. There’s nothing wrong with that type of deployment, but our private suites offer so much more:

  • Dedicated workspace for whatever project you’re working on
  • Room for meetings
  • Storage space for gear that you’ve yet to deploy
  • Or even just a place to go for a few minutes of privacy.

Our private suites are essentially YOUR location to use as you see fit, without interruption from your neighbors or being forced to work in cramped aisles.

Secure Hassle Free Entrance & Access

Physical security is just as important as virtual security, and you need to know that at OFFSITE we will make sure that there are no intruders. In some places, the problem with that can be that every visitor is treated in the same way – as though they might be there with criminal intent – and we don’t think it should ever be a headache to get to your own equipment.  At OFFSITE, YOU control who has access to your equipment and how vendors or contractors can gain access to it.  You’re never forced to schedule a visit for yourself – convenient access card & security codes allow you to come and go as you see fit, and if you’d like a vendor or contractor to have access, you can give us the word via our handy access request form and we’ll let them in (and escort them if you’d prefer).  We pride ourselves on getting to know our customers and you’ll never have to go through lengthy security pat downs or interrogations like a complete stranger to get to your gear.

So there you have it. The “little things” that might seem unimportant, but really aren’t. I’ve seen a few data centers now, and what I’ve described here are the ways in which OFFSITE stands out. To talk about having these benefits for your own company, get in touch. Because that’s another great thing about OFFSITE. We are easy to talk to.

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