The Data Center: IT as a service

The data center/in house hybrid.
Because IT IS a service.

From time to time, every department in every organization in America needs to remind itself that it exists to provide a service. Finance? It’s not an end in itself; it’s a service. To the organization and to the organization’s customers. Marketing? A service. The legal department? Much as they may hate to admit this, they are not the reason the organization exists; the organization is the reason for them to be there.

The same is true of IT, even though IT may also sometimes lose sight of the fact.

Don’t let history pass you by

140 years ago, America had a lot of transportation companies. Probably, given the smaller scale of enterprise in those days, more transportation companies than it has today. Every one of those companies employed at least one blacksmith – far more than one in some cases. How many blacksmiths do you suppose Delta Airlines employs today?

Occupations disappear. There is general agreement that one of the things someone joining the workforce today has to look forward to that his grandparents did not is the need to retrain and change occupation two, three or even more times during a working lifetime because the job they’ve been doing will simply disappear. Is it impossible to imagine that happening to IT?

It doesn’t seem impossible to us. At OFFSITE, we can see a time when a lot of organizations will have decided that IT is as much a candidate for outsourcing as, say, web design or printing. We’re not there yet, but if it’s now possible to use a 3D printer to produce a new filler cap for your motor mower, it’s possible to imagine an IT transformation to something that almost conducts itself.

What outsourcing can do for you

The country has been through interesting economic times recently, and the fact that we have emerged from them better than other countries and other regions says a lot for the continuing robustness of the American business model (and Americans’ readiness for sheer hard work and their refusal to give up the dream). And we’ve learned what we need to do:

  • Keep costs – all costs – to an absolute minimum;
  • Streamline processes. All processes;
  • Develop revenue streams where no revenue streams previously existed;
  • Scale up and scale down as business volumes demand, without paying a cent for processes and equipment not currently in use.

The growth of the cloud has got everyone talking about service. So many things have acquired a name with the words “as a service” at the end. It’s the perfect way to pay for what you want, and want what you pay for. And it applies to IT as much as to any other department.

Data centers like OFFSITE have grown in popularity because they allow users of all types to consume IT as a service. Not everyone in IT welcomes that, but then, all those blacksmiths at 19th-century Wells Fargo probably weren’t too happy about Henry Ford and the rise of the internal combustion engine. Living a successful business life isn’t about doing what makes you happy. It’s about meeting customer needs. Ideally before the customer has realized that those needs exist.

If you want to talk about your company’s priorities, and look for ways we can meet them, get in touch. We’ll be delighted to hear from you.

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