Colocation For When Upsizing Is The Only Game In Town


How Colocation Services Make Sudden Expansion Possible

Happy the CIO whose company knows exactly where it will be three, five, ten years from now. Planning could not be easier. The man or woman in this happy position can start thinking about what to do with all the free time that is going to be available. Get the golf handicap down? Run a marathon? Read War and Peace? Write that great novel that’s been on the verge of creation for so many years? Visit Machu Picchu? In reality, of course, it’s nonsense: knowing where your company is likely to be in six months can be a lot to ask, never mind ten years.

You’re called to the chairman’s office where you learn about an acquisition so hush-hush all but the chairman, the CEO and the CFO have been kept in the dark. The systems the new subsidiary operates are, it would seem, a little antiquated. Oh, and by the way, there’s a small operation in China that seems still to be on the abacus. Integration must be quick because it’s just possible that a new bid for a much larger company may be on the cards for next quarter.

Is the chairman serious? You check the calendar; it isn’t April 1st. She’s serious.

The following days and weeks are feverish with activity. You gather all the information you can. When the chairman said the new company’s systems were antiquated, she didn’t exaggerate. You’re dealing with a mainframe that became obsolete before you joined this company and, because obsolete mainframes offer no career path, there isn’t a single person at that company you’d want on your staff.

There’s no obvious way to merge their operations and yours. And you simply don’t have enough of anything: not enough monitors; not enough processing power; not enough networking space; not enough bandwidth – the cost of new equipment is going to be huge. The CFO frowns when you take that to the Board. They haven’t budgeted for that kind of spend and – to be perfectly frank – you can’t have the money.

Colocation Hosting vs Dedicated Server

It doesn’t have to be this way. If you’ve ever wondered whether colocation services might be a better approach than using your own hardware, you just found one of the best answers. Increasingly, the commercial world is about data – Big Data – and how we handle it. Colocation, which effectively means your own private data center on somebody else’s kit – is the perfect solution when a company’s growth is either very rapid or unpredictable.

Colocation Hosting

It means, in  effect:

  • The skills for software and data management are still down to you

  • Your colocation host takes care of the physical environment

    • Servers

    • Data storage

    • Network links

  • Sudden growth surges are easily handled because everything you need to grow is already there – you just didn’t pay for it until it was needed.

To learn more about colocation Chicago and what we can offer, contact us now. Okay, even after you called us in you probably still won’t have time to work on that golf handicap. But, if you wanted to be on the golf course, you probably shouldn’t have chosen a career in IT.

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